Welcome to CACH Fires - Modern and Eco-friendly Fireplaces!

      CACH Fires welcomes you to a universe of eco-friendly and modern fireplaces. In our range you will find fireplaces for bioethanol as well as patio heaters for gas or electricity.

      We are experts in bio fireplaces and environmentally friendly fires, and our skilled employees are always ready to help, guide and offer competent advice.

      At CACH Fires, we work daily with fireplace dealers, interior design shops, construction centers, hardware stores and similar shops with an interest in heating and design. In addition, we also offer our range for project sales by construction contractors, architects and interior designer. Do you want to be part of our B2B collaboration?

      As a business customer at CACH Fires, you are always offered fixed discounts, professional products and direct contact to our experienced employees.

      Contact us to find out more or apply for a login in the form.

      Foco Room Divider 1000 built-in bioethanol fireplace
      Foco Room Divider 1000 built-in bioethanol fireplace

      Cheyenne bioethanol fireplace
      Cheyenne bioethanol fireplace

      We will bring you Heating and Danish hygge

      CACH Fires has experience in the business since 2010. We have chosen to focus on niche products within modern heating and Danish "hygge".

      We stock our own products and ship to our customers throughout Europe. Our staff includes more than 10 language skills. Therefore, we can probably communicate in your particular language!

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      CACH Fires

      Our headquarters is based in Aalborg, Denmark, where we have 15 employees locally in the office. We are currently, in 2024, in more than 20 European countries and a large part of the business is thus export from Denmark.

      Our philosophy is to design fireplaces and hearths in Danish design style, characterized by a minimalistic and stylish finish.

      Our team includes many nationalities, which is why we can service our customers in Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French, Polish, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

      Danish design - Affordable prices

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