What is Bioethanol Fuel?

Bioethanol fuel for fireplaces is a eco-friendly and easy to use.  Using bioethanol fuel for your fireplace is an efficient, clean burning, and renewable option that can help reduce your carbon footprint. Bioethanol fuel is a liquid form of ethanol made from renewable plants such as sugar cane, corn, and wheat. It is a clean burning fuel, releasing minimal pollutants into the air, and produces no soot or smoke. It also requires no chimney, as the exhaust produced is virtually odourless.

Bioethanol fuel is a great alternative to traditional wood burning or gas fireplaces. It is easy to use and requires no installation. The fuel is available in a range of sizes and can be used in virtually any size of fireplace. All you need to do is fill the fuel container with the fuel, light it and enjoy the warmth and ambiance of your fireplace.

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    Ceramic Special bioethanol fuel 12L

    Ceramic Special Bioethanol - 12 Litres

    Price: 59 EUR
    49 EUR Excl. VAT
    Items number: BIO-E201

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